The following experiences are offered free of charge for students who enroll in at least one class at the Ravenswood Academy.

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Cards and Coffee

Join us at Stir Crazy Bakery on Magnolia Street for lessons in the art of card flourishing. Your first cup of joe is on us.

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Seminars and Parties

Students of the Academy have the option of attending seasonal events, from weekend weapons training seminars to more formal parties such as our Winter Parlour Ball.


$100 per Month

For a monthly fee, gain the above mentioned experiences and also receive expert instruction in one of the following areas of study:

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Chinese Martial Arts

Mon 8am, Fri 8am, Sat 2pm

From empty hand strikes, locks, throws and kicks, to swordsmanship and martial theory, learn a centuries old fighting art from China.



Time: Scheduled Private Lessons and Seminars

Create beautiful sounds bringing classic music to life... or write some songs of your own. Note: While most of our classes are group settings, piano, voice and all other music classes are private lessons; contact us to see what times are available. 

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Ballroom Dance

Step onto our parlor dance floor and learn the art of moving gracefully with a partner.

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Rapier Fencing

Mon 9pm, Sat 12pm

Finesse. Timing. Technique. Go from apprentice to master.


Ancient History

Time: Scheduled Private Lessons and Seminars

Warfare, rhetoric, philosophy... big ideas wrapped in even bigger stories. What will you discover? Note: While the occasional seminar in history will be offered to students, private lessons must be scheduled for week to week studies.